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Social Media Marketing experts Needed – If you are a social media enthusiast and have an Instagram account scroll below to read job details.

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Social Media Marketing Executive

Work From Home Oppertunity


You are social media person and you find fun doing it. This job is for you.

We are looking for executives, who can help us get leads through social media advertising. You will be advertising us and our Website Development service  through your social media posts/pages. You are requested to not to pay anything to Facebook/Instagram/Google in order to advertise. We have separate team to look into paid advertisements. 

We are excited to offer you a social media marketing executive role in our company. You will be treated as a team member of the sales group however it’s not expected for you to attain any technical calls, or visit clients location for technical requirement gatherings or business discussions.

For every successful Web development project you will receive 5% of the project (INR).

Job Description


You can apply if you are social media enthusiast and enjoy doing it or you are a creative person who loves doing graphics and animations or edit images and videos. Please do not apply if you are not active in social media. 


Any working, non working person can apply for this job. Bloggers and aspiring bloggers are our primary focus. 


The main requirement is to have an Instagram account. The same ID will be used as your code, you can request change your code whenever you plan to change your Instagram username. Spamy and Vulgar accounts wont be approved.  



Post you register to be an executive, you will receive an email/Instagram DM from us and we will share contents to market. You can use your own too. For example you can post a quote/your own picture however you can tag us and write a little description about software development process. It is opt you how you market and what creative skills you use.


You are requested to inform the client if they use your code a FREE logo will be designed for them, incase they already have a logo you can inform they use your code inorder to get a direct phone call/Whatsapp option integrated with their website for FREE. This way people will use your code and we can keep a track who is whose reference. 


Every time a client contacts us using your ID, you will receive an email/DM from us. You are requested to stay in touch with your client for successful delivery, payments etc too. In this way you can track the progress. Kindly do not get involved for any technical discussions, redirect them to us and our technical team will take care of the rest.

Terms & Conditions


This opportunity is available until Lock down continues in India. Post that you can show interest if you want to be get hired as full time employee. Hiring will be dependent on your marketing skills.


You are requested not to do any bad publicity of the company. In case we find any such instance the same will be subjected to legal action. You can show interest to not to be a member anytime and your code will get invalid then after.


You can use the code for your close contacts projects or even your own website development project, you still will receive the said amount. 


Spamy and vulgar Instagram accounts wont be approved.

There is no minimum follower requirement.

Clients can contact us through contact form on our website using this contact form .

You are requested to inform prospects that they can get a FREE logo designed for their website OR a free direct Whatsapp chat option integrated to their website, using your CODE.

Post we get the first client through you, we will contact you requesting you bank account details/GooglePay/PayTm details.

If you opt to get payment via Paypal please note it will be taxable.

All payments will happen post client pays the full amount to us. 

From Lead generation to receiving a payment might take somewhere between two to five weeks. Incase of any delays from clients side, you as an sales team member can talk to the client for payment release. You will be notified on email regarding same incase any such instance happens. Usually it doesn’t occur.

To Apply Please Fill The Form Below.

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Please note the same ID will be used as your code, for you to get the amount.
Please mention if you found us through any reference, direct search, any specific social media, any of our partners, news or blogging sites, any media channels or advertisements.

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