Traffic Analysis as a Service

Do you lack experience with network traffic monitoring? Would you like to improve the reliability and security of your infrastructure? Yuvaan Technologies  offers the analysis of your network traffic as a service. Thanks to this, discover how your network stands from an operational and security point of view. Our specialists will audit your environment and deliver a comprehensive technical and managerial report including recommendations on what should be improved.

 Traffic Analysis Identifies:

  • service outages and wrong configurations;
  • large data transfers and data leakage;
  • data network latency;
  • multicast traffic;
  • uncontrolled IPv6 traffic;
  • missing reverse DNS entries;
  • dictionary attacks, attempts to gain unauthorised access;
  • distributed denial of service attacks;
  • infected stations and undesirable user activity in data network;
  • suspicious communication;
  • security policy violations; and
  • P2P networks.