Hi, I am Swarna Mishra.

Founder: Prolisma & Yuvaan Technologies

I teach business owners, educators and entrepreneurs the profitable action steps for building a highly successful business.

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Hi I am Swarna Mishra.
A multi business owner, poet & author.
I am also a digital marketing expert, Web developer software Quality Analyst, self education mastermind, social media activist & a business mentor.

I am founder of


A selfmade multi-business owner & Author. I am fond of writing, hosting shows & helping other ambitious peoples and business owners. 

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Prolisma is a community on a journey, exploring and finding business growth solutions, cataloging our stories along the way.
Yuvaan technology is about software development, brand transformations and everything technology. 

What I write/design/talk about?


I love personally mentoring business and help them grow. We love our business like our babies, they need constant care. I love helping entrepreneurs grow their business.


Though I have a team for website development, I myself get involved in various designing activities. I am an expert web developer. 

Internet Marketing

I am an SEO & Digital Marketing expert. I dig in to the backed to identify all possible SEO issues and help business have their name optimized for search engines. 


I share my poems on my social medias. soon I will be taking them into my podcasts so that people can hear them from me directly. 

Brand Transformations

Many brands die without proper guidance, I help business owners to grow their brand through strategic solutions. 

Self-growth, Beauty & Fashion

Well, I am very much a passionate and positive person. People who know me say, my positivity is contagious and talking about beauty & fashion, it goes without saying, beauty & fashion are just synonyms of women. 

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