• Post you register to be an executive, you will receive an email/Instagram DM from us and we will share contents to market. You can use your own too. For example you can post a quote/your own picture however you can tag us and write a little description about software development process It is opt you how you market and what creative skills you use.


  • 2. You are requested to inform the client if they use your code a FREE logo will be designed for them, incase they already have a logo you can inform they use your code inorder to get a direct phone call/Whatsapp option integrated with their website for FREE. This way people will use your code and we can keep a track who is whose reference.


  • 3.   Every time a client contacts us using your ID, you will receive an email/DM from us. You are requested to stay in touch with your client for successful delivery, payments etc too. In this way you can track the progress. Kindly do not get involved for any technical discussions, redirect them to us and our technical team will take care of the rest.