Inbound lead generation

In order to get your target audiences to connect with your brand, you will need to generate leads both ways. Inbound lead generation is about positioning yourself in the market in such a way that your target audience comes to you.

Inbound marketing is popular and successful because most customers prefer to “discover” products and services they want and need via research.

Yuvaan Technologies can help you generate inbound leads with effective SEO, online advertising, link building and social media marketing practices.

Outbound lead generation

Outbound lead generation happens when you reach out to your audience.

However, conventional sales lead generation services- like cold calling, telemarketing and spamming inboxes- don’t always succeed today.

Customers today are not likely to respond to brands or marketing campaigns that do not sound genuine and sound impersonal.

Outbound marketing, when executed with precision and authenticity, can produce good results.

Online Lead Generation

With good search engine optimization practices, we make sure that your website becomes a prominent presence on the internet.

By optimizing your website content and auditing your website, Yuvaan Technologies helps you feature at the top of the search engine results for keywords related to the products and services you offer.

Optimized landing pages also help you convert your visitors into purchasers. Yuvaan Technologies can help you with that, so that your visitors can be guided to make the correct purchase decision.

YuvaanTechnologies can also help you generate leads from guest posting, content marketing and effective social media marketing. We make sure that your brand is positioned across the board in a way that it appears attractive and relevant to your target audience, thereby convincing them to enquire and engage with your brand in a positive way.

Similarly, we can help your brand get leads from relevant websites and platforms that are likely to be frequented by the audience of your choice. Via social media campaigns and influencer marketing, we can help your brand get the exposure it deserves, and thereby generate high quality and organic leads.

B2B Lead Generation

We can also help businesses network better and form strategic partnerships with relevant entities. YuvaanTechnologies can help you design effective B2B leads so that you have strong ties within the industry that help your brand grow and foster mutually beneficial relations.

B2B marketing is a crucial part of any business process. While a brand needs to connect to customers, it also needs to need to connect with suppliers and business clients. It helps businesses find prospects, ink bulk supply deals, sign contracts and network with partners.

YuvaanTechnologies can help you connect with prospective business partners, and expand your circle of influence by generating leads through customized processes.

This is especially important for small businesses, who may benefit from connecting with partners who are geographically far away from them. Similarly, brands can source high quality products or niche offerings from sources who they may not be crossing paths with in their day to day life.

Apart from the above, YuvaanTechnologies can help you generate leads via referral marketing with strategic partners. Be it word-of-mouth or via link building or content marketing, we can help you reach out to audiences who may not be directly reached via conventional means. This applies to both B2B and direct marketing situations.