Internship for Web Designing and Digital Marketing


Yuvaan Technologies is offering an internship program to all peoples/students who want to learn web designing and digital marketing. 


Internship Program

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What you will learn

Through out the program you will get opportunities to work for internal projects and sometimes client projects too. At the end of the internship you will be given internship completion certificate. If you perform well during the internship program you might as well get an opportunity to work with us fulltime.

If You are a student or just passed your college

This program is best for you

This internship program is primely focused on students and peoples who want to have a carrier in web designing/digital marketing/graphics designing etc.

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Internship Program Fees

You will not only receive an experience letter and internship certificate from us, you might also get a chance to work with us full time as an employee if you perform well during the internship program. 

  • Learn Web Designing
  • Learn Digital Marketing
  • Learn Branding 
  • Get Internship Certificate
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