How Yuvaan Technologies Helped Gadget Destiny To Gain 12x+ ROAS using Facebook Ads


Ad spend: ₹109,900.83

ROAS: 11 – 12X+


Gadget Destiny is an online retailer that specializes in selling smartphone mobile back covers. They have been in business for a few years and have a strong online presence with a loyal customer base. However, they were facing a challenge in increasing their sales despite their quality products and affordable pricing.

Client’s Testimonial

“We were struggling to find the right marketing strategy to increase our sales. That’s when we reached out to Yuvaan Technologies, and we are glad we did! Their team helped us devise a comprehensive digital marketing plan that was tailored to our needs. We were able to see significant growth in our sales within a short period. Their expertise in Facebook advertising was exceptional, and we are grateful for their support.”


Gadget Destiny faced several challenges, including low brand awareness, increasing competition, and a limited marketing budget. Their existing marketing strategies were not effective in driving traffic to their website, and their conversion rates were low.


Yuvaan Technologies conducted a thorough analysis of Gadget Destiny’s business, including their target audience, competition, and market trends. Based on the insights gained from this analysis, they developed a comprehensive digital marketing plan that included several strategies.

One of the key strategies was Facebook advertising. Yuvaan Technologies created targeted ad campaigns that reached Gadget Destiny’s target audience effectively. The ads highlighted the unique features of the mobile back covers and showcased their quality and durability. Yuvaan Technologies also optimized the landing pages to ensure that visitors were more likely to make a purchase.


Thanks to Yuvaan Technologies’ efforts, Gadget Destiny saw an immediate improvement in their sales. They were able to increase their revenue by 12x+ in no time, which exceeded their expectations. The Facebook ad campaigns helped drive more traffic to their website, resulting in a significant increase in their conversion rates.


Yuvaan Technologies’ expertise in digital marketing, particularly Facebook advertising, helped Gadget Destiny overcome their challenges and achieve their sales goals. They provided a customized solution that was tailored to Gadget Destiny’s specific needs, resulting in a significant increase in their revenue. Gadget Destiny is delighted with the results and looks forward to continuing their partnership with Yuvaan Technologies in the future.