We accelerate growth and drive progress through our diverse workforce that spans the globe. With more than 4,400 employees worldwide, we empower innovators to bring diverse worldviews and perspectives to real-world challenges for our customers.

Our commitment to growing a diverse team reflects the world we live in today. We have partnered with and engaged with organizations who sponsor diversity, enabling us to attract the best and brightest and to support our employees in bringing their whole selves to work.

With a focus on leadership development, mentoring and on-the-job training, we ensure that our diverse team members continuously grow and develop alongside our customers worldwide.

An increasingly diverse culture empowered with new opportunities.

Ansys continues to collaborate with numerous organizations and academia around the world to find the next generation of top talent. The following list spotlights a few of the key organizations that we are privileged to support:

  • Black Girls Code
  • Girls in Tech
  • Girls Who Code
  • Hire Heroes USA
  • Hispanic Heritage Foundation
  • Minority Engineering Program
  • National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering
  • National Society of Black Engineers

Enabling the next generation of female engineers.

YuvaanTec Women in Technology (WIT) initiative builds a community that is focused on empowering women to grow their careers and positions YuvaanTec as a top workplace for future female engineers. WIT features many dynamic programs — including university research collaborations, high school STEM awareness, engineering scholarships and much more.

A diverse senior leadership team that inspires excellence.

YuvaanTec commitment to success starts at the top. Our diverse upper management team helps improve performance, enhance strategic direction and inspire company-wide innovation.

“By working together as ONE Ansys, we leverage diversity of background, thought and experience to solve the toughest product problems imaginable faster and more creatively, enabling us to capture our market opportunity.”

– Ajei Gopal, CEO, Ansys

Our future leaders are highly diverse.

Ansys employees span multiple generations and we are proud to spur their career development. We are also tremendously honored that countless people have continued their roles at Ansys for many years.



We’re dedicated to accelerating diversity.

We understand that a diverse and inclusive environment inspires creativity, powers ingenuity and helps propel Ansys’ continued success far into the future. We are 100% focused on attracting increasingly diverse talent for positions across our organization, finding candidates with highly unique backgrounds and employing development initiatives to further accelerate leadership diversity throughout our company.