The Five Types of Business Websites

Business Website

When designing or updating the website of your organization, one of the main things you want to look at is the type of website that best supports your business. As we speak about a website to clients we also take the time to explore which type of website would be most fitting.

There are different types of business websites. These types are shown below: 

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1. The E-Commerce Website:

The e-commerce website’s aim is to sell the goods. You can have e-commerce websites such as Amazon that offer a wide variety of products, or you can have products such as Woo Audio’s WA-234 MONO that is a website that offers only one product. The main aim of this website is to let a visitor buy from you. Whether it’s a product page, or a lookbook, or a compilation page, all on this page will lead the visitor to purchase a product from. These websites provide selling.

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2. The Branding Website:

You will typically find information about the company, the product, and/or the service on the branding websites. It is intended to familiarize the user with the brand and to promote recognition of the name. Pepsi’s Crystal Pepsi website is a really great example of this. These websites provide information about the company, how it works, what is it’s privacy and policy etc.

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3. The Lead Generation Website:

A lead generation website seeks to find leads, you know it. It is perfect if you want to place a guest in a sales funnel or if you want to develop a deeper relationship with your guests. Woodco Holdings has a website designed exclusively for the production of leads. Perhaps this is how businesses use landing pages as a separate agency from their own corporate website. It offers you the ability to simply concentrate on the form that users are supposed to fill in, without dragging them to other parts of the corporate website with more navigation. These websites basically interact with visitors and get feedback from them.

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4. The Publishing Website:

Websites based solely on publishing are similar to news websites or blogs – these also rely on advertising and supported content for revenue generation. Career Girl Daily is an example of such a website. This website integrates advertising into the blog page sidebar overlapping with real website material. This allows for the maximization of ad revenue. By using content these websites earn revenue.

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5. The Support Website:

This website is also used by larger tech companies in support of the hardware, software, or services they offer. The Apple Support page is an outstanding example of this. These websites will also include frequently asked questions, ways to contact support team, new fixes for software or driver, and group forums. These websites basically solve the queries of visitors or customers. For that reason, these websites provide a discussion platform.

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