Top 5 Tech Companies With Highest Market Value Within The Planet

Technology today is one of the foremost important industries that form the earth’s economy, drive transformation, and sets trends. And here, we’re going to teach you about the world’s leading technology firms that dominate the world.

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Our list contains the leading corporations from various sectors of the digital sector, like tech, electronics, internet, e-Commerce, telecommunications, et al.


Industry: Electronics, household appliances, shipbuilding, aircraft engineering.

Annual revenue: $197.691 bln.

Employees: 105,257 people.

Samsung could also be a multinational conglomerate in South Korea. It comprises a selection of associated firms, most of them unified under the Samsung name and is that most important chaebol in South Korea.

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Byung-Chul opened up a trucking company in Daegu on 1 March 1938,  which He called Samsung Trading Co, Samsung’s predecessor. Samsung’s estimated market value is $350 billion.

Samsung is internationally recognized as a consumer electronics manufacturer and albeit it is a serious private enterprise of varied sectors, from ship and aircraft design to life insurance.

The company has three technology units – Consumer Electronics, Digital Technology & Mobile Communications, and System Solutions.

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2. Facebook

Industry: Social media, online advertisement.

Annual revenue: $70.7 bln.

Employees: 48,268 people.

Facebook could also be a US based social media and technology company based in Menlo Park, California. it had been founded by Mark Zuckerberg in February 2004 and his fellow students at Harvard College

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Facebook is one of the fastest-growing firms and one of the foremost costly labels within the planet. Indeed, the market cap of $764 billion is an thastronomical indication of the success of the online project. Today, quite 2 billion people visit the social network each day, which could be the highest of their global expansion, as some people claim. Thus, in recent years, the company’s focus has been on another path to expand, totally on acquisitions.

3. Google

Industry: research and development, software, video games, biotechnology, etc.

Annual revenue: $161.9 bln.

Employees: 123,048 people.

Google LLC is an American international technology corporation specialized in Internet-related services and products, including web advertising applications, search engines, cloud storage, apps, and hardware. It’s known to be one of the highest Four technology firms, alongside Amazon, Apple, and Facebook. Google’s estimated market cap is $1.03 trillion.

About all Internet users have already learned of Google a minimum of once. However, others do not know that the globally popular Internet giant changed its official name to Alphabet Inc. in 2015. At the aim, the company was well beyond the reach of the Google program. Today, quite 30 common utilities and sub-companies are a neighbourhood of the Alphabet Holding.

4. Microsoft Corporation

Industry: software development, hardware, electronics, cloud computing, etc.

Annual revenue: $143 bln.

Employees: 156,439 people.

Microsoft Corporation may be a world technology firm with offices in Redmond, Washington, D.C. It designs, produces, licensees, finances, and sells computer applications, consumer electronics, personal computers, and related services. Microsoft is that the second-largest technology corporation with a market capitalization of quite $1.6 trillion.

It is also one of the foremost expensive companies and labels on the planet. Gates and Paul Allen formed the globally known company in 1975. They recommended using boxed apps for home computers to make your Computing experience simple, user-friendly, and intuitive.

5. Apple Inc.

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Industry: hardware, software, electronics, information technology, etc.

Annual revenue: $260.2 bln.

Employees: 137,000 people.

Apple Inc. is known to be one of the very best Four internet firms, in conjunction with Amazon, Google, and Facebook. Apple Inc.’s overall market value is valued at $1.4 trillion.

Today, Apple is the foremost successful corporation within the technology industry with a market value of about $1.90 trillion. It’s now the foremost profitable multimedia company within the planet with an estimated turnover of $260.2 billion.Recently, Apple has deemed the foremost valued company within the planet of all companies before Saudi Aramco joined the ranking in 2019 and pushed the tech giant to second place.

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