Things That Stop Businesses From Growing

It can be challenging to run a business, but that should not stop you from expanding your company and reap the benefits. Here we look at most popular things that stop the growth of a business.

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Every problem is a gift without problems we would not grow.  

Anthony Robbins

You are not in direct contact with your clients

So many companies are so focused on “doing the business” that they don’t know when the market is changing. You need a way of  keeping your finger on the pulse of what your clients really want. Do you have a process for gathering and analyzing such kind of information?

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Failing to fix mistakes quickly

Research has shown that customers with problems that have been resolved quickly will be more loyal than if nothing went wrong at first sight. And, if you make a mistake (as we all do from time to time), correct it easily and professionally. It’s the chance to earn a lifetime loyal customer.

No quality assurance

If you do not currently use any kind of survey to get feedback from your customers, start from now. If you don’t know what your customers feel about your product and your service, your business will never improve and grow.

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Not trying to expand platforms of customer interaction

Today ,consumers can interact with brands through virtually any offline and online channel, so it’s important for businesses to be available when customers want to reach them.

You don’t have a business model that has proven revenue sources 

It may be more interesting to talk about cool, fun, and innovative ideas in your planning meetings,  but at some point the plans you make must generate revenue. I understand it’s impossible to point to demonstrated revenue streams when we’re talking about brand new offerings . Nevertheless,Whatever you plan, at some point you’ve got to make money. In reality make sure that your financial estimates are not dependent on wishful thinking.

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There is only one boss. The customer and he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else. 

Sam Walton

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