Meet Rohit Prasad,The Engineer Behind Amazon’s Alexa

The Robotic Assistant has been a topic in progress since the early 1970s, when the U.S. Protection Advanced Development Projects Agency first started focusing on speech processing. Today, we have artificial intelligence in devices like Alexa that not only understand what we mean, but can behave and respond to our demands and commands, much like a human being.

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Amazon’s Alexa has been popular all over the world, including India, since its release in 2014. Alexa is known to be the next-generation technology that is intended to make life better for humans.

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 Do you know that Alexa has a strong connection to India? Yeah, you’ve read that, sold through Amazon, the brain behind Alexa belongs to Ranchi. Alexa ‘s development is a ground-breaking achievement in the development of AI, and the team behind it is headed by Indian engineer Rohit Prasad and his partner, Toni Reid.

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 In 2013, Rohit Prasad joined Amazon as Director of Machine Learning, Alexa was launched in 2014 and incorporated into the Amazon Echo. He became Vice President of Alexa Machine Learning and Amazon Expression in May 2016.He is also leading research and development of voice recognition, natural language processing and artificial learning technology to improve consumer engagement with Amazon’s goods and services.

Rohit completed his early education in India and went to the Illinois Institute of Technology, USA, for an MS in Electrical Engineering after obtaining his engineering from Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi. That’s probably where his interest in speech recognition began.

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For 14 years , he worked with BBN Technology, which supplies research and development to Raytheon, a military corporation. BBN Technology was the pioneering research centre for speech recognition and machine learning. BBN is also one of the founding sites of ARPANET, a predecessor to the Internet.

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In 1999, he advanced from Staff Scientist to Deputy Manager and Senior Director of Voice, Language and Digital Technology in 2011, before joining Amazon in 2013. In 2017, Rohit was ranked 9th in Fast Company’s 100 Most Innovative People in Industry. He and his colleague, Ried, made the Recode List of 100 Technology, Industry and Media People who mattered in 2017.

 He thinks AI’s future is bright and gadgets can only get smarter. Its main focus is on developing Alexa ‘s core intellect, allowing her to deal with contradictory orders and achieve challenging activities such as planning a holiday.

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