Meaning of “SEO” and Why Optimizing Matters:

Meaning of “SEO” and Why Optimizing Matters:

If you’ve ever written professionally or have paid attention to the ever-evolving curation, distribution, and interactive readership changes on this platform, you’ve probably stumbled across the term “SEO”.

When I began to branch out from fiction and screenplay writing to freelance as a content writer, I started seeing “SEO” pop up in job descriptions and submissions guidelines everywhere. I vaguely understood the term and knew it mattered to Web Designers and Site Hosts, but delving deeper than that gave me a technological headache.

My patient big brother, a software engineer, tried to explain why SEOs should matter to me, but my eyes glazed over, and I daydreamed about penguins. And then I booked a gig as a freelance writer for an SEO consulting firm. I had to learn how to tailor SEOs for clients and become proficient in the practice quickly.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and using this tool has been practiced since the 1990s. However, since the explosion of Google this century, Search Engine Optimization is a more polished and essential practice. Utilizing it matters a great deal more than it did then.

According to www.searchenginejournal.com, Search Engine Optimization is:

The process of optimizing a website and all the content on that website — so it will appear in prominent positions of the organic results of search engines. SEO needs a knowledge of how search engines work, what individuals search for, and why and how individuals search.  Effective SEO makes a site attractive to search engines and users. It is a combination of technical and marketing.

On a writing platform like yuvaantechnologies blog, employed a team of people who work on SEO to make sure potential readers and writers alike will stumble across the site. It is up to us to ensure the SEO definition for and of our stories for those of us who publish content in different publications across various sites.

If keywords or relevant subject matter are not displayed, the chances our stories will pop up on a Google search decrease dramatically. When we fail to write an SEO description, It automatically defers to the first 156 characters of our story. If we want our quality work to stand out in SEO algorithms and want those searching Goggle to discover our work, the description in the SEO is vital.

Basically, by utilizing the it display on each of your published stories, you are potentially increasing the number of views your pieces will receive. I hope I’ve shed a bit of light on what SEO means and how it can work for you. And remember, if this information is overwhelming, you can always tune out and daydream of penguins.

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