How to Launch a New Brand in Your Business

A new brand launch, whether you’re launching a brand for the first time, or showing off your new manifesto, is a huge marketing opportunity. The savviest organisations know how to tap into this opportunity as a way of raising brand awareness, and how to launch a brand. Yet, many companies still fail to recognize the value, and importance of a branch launch.

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A brand allows you to differentiate yourself from industry competitors with a unique image, a memorable voice, and an identity that resonates with your target customers. But establishing and launching your own brand from scratch can be difficult—particularly when you’re a startup with limited resources.

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The point of this “How to launch a brand” guide, is to show you that your brand is big news. Whether it’s new, or reborn, it deserves to make an impact, and your launch allows you to create that all-important collision that sends tremors throughout your target audience. A brand launch strategy is your chance to get people excited, develop a buzz, and make everyone (clients, stakeholders, trade press, and journalists), stand up and take notice.

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Launching a new brand: Checklist (your initial plan)

Goals are only the first step in your checklist for a great brand launch. Planning to show your customers the image that you want them to associate with your company takes a great deal of dedication. After all, when you launch a brand, you introduce an idea, presenting a value proposition that communicates how you, and your service is different.

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Your brand launch is your opportunity to convince customers that they should care about what you have to offer, in a world that’s already saturated with similar products and companies.

Launching a new brand: Communication methods

let’s look at introducing your brand to the world. Before you can pull the switch and light up your new brand, you’ll need to make sure that all your marketing communications, from signage, to vehicles, to outreach materials and digital templates, are aligned.

You’ll need to make sure that you’ve identified all of your internal(company) and external(business) audiences, which might include vendors, partners, donors, board members, employees, industry, media, communities, and clients. Then, you’ll need to examine the best way to reach each of those audience groups.

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Remember to put the focus on people, not the brand

If you look at all of the massive press releases that have taken place in the news over the last decade or so, you’ll find that the most effective, news-worthy launches were around products and companies that didn’t focus exclusively on what was great about their business, but what their business could do for the customers.

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Every aspect of your launch, and your marketing efforts should be centred around what your product can do to make your customer’s life better.

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When you start promoting your brand online, offline, and in a host of different environments, you need to make sure that you stay consistent in everything from the style of your advertisements, to the subjects of your promotional campaign, and even your colour choices.

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