8 Smartphones In 2020 To Look Out For

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If you’re considering an upgrade to your Smartphone by 2020, you may want to read our list of top 10 smartphones coming up in 2020 before you head into your pocket. ,.If you want to keep up with mobile trends in 2020, or your phone is about to upgrade and you’re trying to move to the latest town, here we’ll help you with that. We’d tell you everything there’s to know about exciting mobile devices in 2020 to catch. Let’s start.

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1. iPhone X Foldable by Apple :

While Apple has not yet released any official statements about the release date of this foldable phone, there are clear signs that 2020 could be the year it will be unveiled. As Artificial Intelligence rises, Apple is working on a new chip series called the “bionic chips” in the next line of apple 2020 Smartphones. One of the more comprehensive concepts of how this iPhone X could look is the one that Antonio De Rosa has created. Knowing Apple as one of premium Smartphone grandmasters, thus, this estimated price is unlikely to have been overstated.

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2. HMB Global Nokia 8.2 :

If the hints Nokia dropped at its 2019 IFA Press Conference are something to go by, then mobile enthusiasts can expect Nokia’s premium 5 G handset by early 2020. Nokia 8.2 will be Nokia’s first 5 G phone introduced to the market by Nokia’s handlers. And from the details available online, this impressive Smartphone is expected to hold a whopping 8 G RAM for its 256 GB size, and a front and rear 64MP camera. This is more than most desktops and laptop computers have available. Similarly, feelers indicated that this Smartphone will be available in three variants: 256 GB (8G RAM), 128 GB (6 G RAM), and 64 GB (4 G RAM) just like its predecessor, Nokia 8.1. The price of this Smartphone will depend on the model you select. It’s estimated the maximum cost is 256 GB.

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3.   Xiaomi Mi 10 :

This Chinese cell phone maker is doing exploits already in 2019  by launching two 5 G Smartphones. As the Chinese giant is expected to release Xiaomi Mi 10 on or before MWC 2020, 2020 seems to hold a bright horizon. The processor that Xiaomi Mi 10 is likely to be working on is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Chipset and MIUI 10. The configuration is divided into two parts, one at the upper left corner and one at the right. It is said to run with 8GB/10 GB RAM options on Snapdragon 865 Flagship SoC. No question Xiaomi Mi 10 is one of the best upcoming smartphones in 2020 as Xiaomi is already growing up in the UK with its Mi9 brand, the Mi 9 SE, and Mi 9 T Pro.

4.   Samsung Galaxy S11     :

Since Galaxy Note 10 has found its way to the market, it’s hard to deny the rumors that the next in line is S11. But it’s still likely to keep some of the features of its predecessors including multiple color choices, fast 45W charging, and a heart rate monitor. Most likely, Samsung Galaxy S11 will be garnished with a 64MP back camera while the front one is expected to be smaller. Another thing you can expect about this upcoming Smartphone from Samsung is that it will come in at least three versions – SM-G988, SM-G981 and SM-G986, both 5G-enabled.

5.   OnePlus 8 :

As with previous smartphones, the OnePlus 8 is expected to come in two separate versions. Most definitely it would have a better sensor and a bigger battery as it would have a larger monitor than the OnePlus 7. The 48MP camera in OnePlus phones isn’t up to the mark so we’re anticipating the next-gen phone to come up with a camera capable of catching fine information for decent overall picture quality.

6.   Huawei P40 :

Even carrying out a premium Smartphone’s Huawei would surely not let the year 2020 go by. HUAWEI P40 represents the innocence of nature and adopts strong Black and Silver Frost colors’. The matte refractive finish accentuates an enteric sense of complexity exposing beauty. ROM: 8 GB + 128 GB – External capacity accessible can be reduced while the device uses the existing capacity. Due to the program changes, user activities, and other similar factors, real memory capacity can alter.

7.   Foldable RAZR by Motorola :

A Flip Phone’s pocket-ready scale combined with a sleek Smartphone’s sophistication. There is the current Razr, which is completely different. When opened, Razr sits securely in your palm or pocket and flips open to expose a full-length, interactive touch screen. Unlike every other, the latest craze is a stylish, futuristic Smartphone. Leaks and reports have related this RAZR to take any tips from Huawei’s likes of Mate X and Samsung’s Galaxy Fold.

8. LG G9 ThinQ :

LG G9 ThinQ Smartphone is equipped with IPS LCD. The screen has a resolution of 1440 x 3120 pixels and a density of 513 PPI pixels. The LG G9 ThinQ comes with a satisfactory spec-sheet that is suitable for carrying out heavy daily tasks. The device has everything you’d look for in a Smartphone of this range from sufficient RAM, ample battery back-up to impressive camera setup. But there is no screen protection expected in this budget. Some of the other brands offer a wide range of features at this price also.

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