5 Most Popular Television Selling Companies In India –

If you are looking for best Television company then here are some of the best companies of TV in India are –

1.Samsung –

From 10 years, Samsung has become the world’s industry leader. Samsung is India’s most trusty brand.Samsung is a big player in the LED Television market in India.

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2. LG –

LG Electronics is a multinational corporation based in South Korea.The organisation is also the world’s second-largest LCD TV producer. It began selling repelling television in India.

3. Sony-

Sony Corporation is the Sony Group’s electronics business unit and parent organisation.Their Sony series long dominated the Indian television industry.Sony is one of the top players in the LED and LCD TV segment in India.

4. Panasonic –

As for buying a Panasonic Set,The screen size and price are among the most significant features for shoppers.Panasonic TV’s are also available in models of LCD HD and LED smart TV.

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5.Micromax –

Micromax is a maker of Indian Smartphones and consumer electronics. IT software company which operates as domain embedded devices.

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