10 Brilliant Years Of Android: How It Changed The Smartphone World

Let us go about it chronologically. In 2008-09, there were said smartphone but all the smartphone producing brands such as Sony, Nokia, Blackberry, Apple, etc. had and used their own operating systems. Nokia worked on Symbian, while Blackberry had its own operating system, Bada was an OS used by Samsung. Apple used its own IOS as an operating system in smartphones too.

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In 2010, Blackberry had on its own the second largest holding in the smartphone industry with 16% of all smartphones working on the Blackberry OS. This was 0.3% more than Apple’s IOS. While Android sore well above 22% market share. From 2010 to 2017, Android rose from 22.7% to 85.9% in market share. And the story behind it is an inspiring one.

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Android in retrospect

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