We are developing future engineers, technologists and other specialists through university relations. Each semester, we offer students the knowledge and education they need to bring innovation to life through simulation technology. And, through various university partnerships and diversity outreach initiatives, we seek talent to help us redefine engineering through pervasive simulation.

Our U.S. Internship Program

Interns receive challenging assignments supporting various business departments and initiatives. Interns will mirror entry-level roles in Software Development, Software Testing and Software Research & Development.

The paid internship program is a minimum of a twelve (12) week duration, 40 hour per week. Pending the student’s academic schedule and business needs, students may intern for multiple semesters.

Our U.S. Co-op Program

Through development and contributions in developing and testing our industry-leading simulation software, co-ops will gain real experience in their field of study.

Co-ops alternate between school and full-time work assignments each semester. Beginning sophomore year and in partnership with the student’s University Co-op Department, students will commit to three (3) semester rotations for Engineers and two (2) semesters for Computer Science majors, 40 hours per week. Each rotation will provide challenging assignments to progressively develop one’s technical competencies.

Program Benefits

  • Paid compensation
  • Innovative and real work experience
  • Learn from industry experts
  • Team building and collaboration
  • Training and development
  • Full time hiring consideration upon completion of internship or co-op programs

How to Apply

Please visit our careers page to search available opportunities.